Welcome to the Cuban Association of the Order of Malta

The Order of Malta, is one of the oldest religious orders of the Catholic Church and is the first order established that enables the laity to participate in a spiritual life. Its purpose is the sanctification of its members through its Charisma: Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum, the defense of the faith and service to the poor.

It celebrated the 900th anniversary of Pope Paschal II’s bull Pie Postulatio Voluntatis of 15 February 1113, that placed the Order under the protection of the Holy See, formalizing its spiritual and institutional identity over nine centuries.

The Cuban Association is an association of members of the Order of Malta who are Cuban, are of Cuban descent or have a special relationship with the Cuban people. Currently, the Cuban Association has over one hundred members spread throughout Cuba, the United States and Puerto Rico. The Cuban Association operates and funds various programs in Miami, Cuba and several countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. I hope that you find this web site informative and encourage you to contact the Association for any questions you may have.


Juan Tomás O’Naghten y Chacón
Marqués de la Gratitud
Bailiff Grand Cross of Honor and Devotion in Obedience

onaghten chacon, juan t smom habit 2008





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