Casa de Malta

“Casa de Malta” is a project that provides a weekly lunch, breakfast, basket with basic foods, training in skills, health service, and the teachings of the Christian faith.

The work we do supports approximately 60 women and men from low-income families, mostly immigrants who live in “Little Habana”, of the Parish of San Juan Bosco, one of the poorest areas of the city of Miami.

Many of the residents in the area are unemployed and some lack basic education.

Both beneficiaries and volunteers experience spiritual growth, sharing hours of joys and sorrows, work, study and experiences of the teachings of the Gospel.

Our workshops include the teaching of phrases in English, in two levels. Also, these include teachings of manual skills, language, crafts and the teaching of Christian values.  We teach these skills so that they can use them for better insertion in their everyday life.

We offer a hot and healthy meal that includes a serving of protein, one or two side dishes, salad, dessert and a drink. Last year we delivered more than 2000 lunches and breakfasts, and the same number of baskets of food.

The food baskets have included: beans, rice, sugar, oil and vinegar, marmalade, canned food, pasta, coffee, canned milk, bread, cookies and frozen food. Also, we have given items like household goods, clothing and cleaning products.

Each session is manned by about 12-16 volunteers. A greater number of volunteers participate in the Special Events, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, when we organize a special day with gifts and music.

This year we will have the Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday, November 16th, and Christmas celebration on Thursday, December 14th.

We open every Thursday from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. We also open on Tuesdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, every 2 weeks, when Medical Services, breakfast and Health lectures are provided.

A general medical examination is offered in collaboration with the School of Nursing of FIU. An intern performs her internship hours helping the people by giving them basic examinations such as: general history, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, breathing difficulties and glycaemia.

If  patients should be referred to a medical facility because of their  health condition, they are sent to San Juan Bosco Clinic, located near us.

We complement the breakfast and health services with talks about health, disease prevention, vaccines and nutrition.

FIU and S.J. Bosco Clinic, as well as St. John Bosco Parish, where we are located, collaborate with us providing assistance in our weekly activities.


Below you will find transcribed of some experiences from our volunteers:

“As an experience, I can tell you that it has been very pleasant to see the Grace of God manifested all the time. For both, Giselle and I, it has been a great pleasure to serve the Lord and the Order, knowing that we are servers for the kingdom and the glory of the Lord.”                                           

Carmen Rosa von Reitzenstein


As an experience it has been one of the most pleasant in my life, and I think that people who attend the class leave with a broader knowledge of this language and a higher spiritual level. Although a theoretical level was mainly taught, a spiritual approach was always given. In the future I hope to continue helping in this beautiful work, and help this group defend itself more and more with the English.” 

Katherin García


 “They are all very interested. We all speak in English. For them, pronunciation is the most important issue. I see much interest and advancement, in some more than others. They realize that they have to study to advance.” 

Lili Huerta


The Lord will provide through all of you. You are the instruments of God, may He bless each one of you.”

Alex Gutierrez