Haiti Relief Effort

The Cuban Association joined the relief effort in Haiti in 2010 with Malteser International.

Since 2008, the Cuban Association has been helping the parish of Nazon, in Haiti, through its Pastor Father Anistus Chima, CMF. Also, the Association is one of twenty five National Associations of the Order of Malta who are members of Malteser International, the Order’s International Relief organization. Our association has been involved in the Dominican Republic Medical Missions since the late 1990’s.

When the Haiti Earthquake happened on February 2010, the Cuban Association, led by our Hospitaler, our Director of Spirituality and a group of dedicated volunteers, decided to assist the Haiti Relief Effort and cooperate with Malteser International in their work in this country. The Cuban Association was given the task of coordinating the relief efforts of the North American Associatons with Malteser International.

There were ten teams of doctors and nurses who spoke french and creole rotating visits to the Hospital that Malteser International had setup at Leogane, in the vicinity of Port Au Prince. Our association was able to ship more than 160,000 pounds of food, medical supplies and clothing donated in South Florida, thanks to donations of more than $55,000 and in-kind supplies. Overall, four containers were shipped, plus some medical supplies which were shipped by air during the first four months after the earthquake.During the month of March 2010 Malteser International, led by the Grand Hospitaler Dr. Hans Bosselager and other representatives, held a meeting in Florida to review the progress of the Order’s relief effort in Haiti, and later gave recognition to the more than 50 volunteers that had participated from the Cuban Association.

As a pictorial illustration of this effort, we want to show the pictures taken by our volunteers in Haiti. They depict the most recent photos of the education campaign for children to prevent cholera. They show our workers, plus the rebuilt church of Father Anistus Chima CMF, a Claretian Missionary and local priest in charge of the Nazon Parish, which we have supported in the past and has helped us during this relief effort.

They also show the meeting attended by the Grand Hospitaller in Miami at the awards ceremony, attended by members of the Governing Council of the Cuban Association.

The video below shows father Chima and the parish of Nazon, where our Hospitaller work in Haiti started prior to 2009, which we are still supporting.

Cholera outbreak, October 2010

The breakout of cholera throughout various areas of Haiti, with 500 000 people affected, also led to an increase of cholera cases in Darbonne, where a Cholera Treatment Unit (CTU) was integrated into the already existing Health Centre. The team of Malteser International at Leogane, has been teaching and distributing hygiene kits for the children of the area, in Darbonne, at the orphanage “L’enfant de L’Espoir”.

From March 2011 to February 2012, more than 1000 heavily affected patients have been treated in the unit. Prevention measures at local level have prevent further spread of the disease.

In the hospital Sacré Coeur in Milot, supported by the Order of Malta for several years, the medical staff was prepared for the treatment of up to 1,000 cholera patients.