Delegation in Puerto Rico

The Delegation in Puerto Rico was approved by the Sovereign Council in 2005, after more than thirty Knights and Dames had been confirmed. In November 2006 it was officially established by the President of the Cuban Association, who along with the Vice-President and the Chancellor attended the ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A solemn Mass was celebrated by Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez and Mons. Mario Guijarro y de Corzo, our Conventual Chaplain Ad Honorem of the Delegation.

The delegation Governing Council was elected as follows:

Delegate – Ilmo. Sr. D. José Eduardo Santiago y Gonzalez, Caballero de Gracia Magistral en Obediencia,

Sub-delegate – Ilmo. Sr. D. Salvador Casellas Moreno, Caballero de Gracia Magistral en Obediencia,

Chancellor – Ilmo. Sr. D. José Ramón Ortiz Valladares, Caballero de Gracia Magistral,

Treasurer – Ilmo. Sr. D. Dionisio Trigo Gonzalez, Caballero de Gracia Magistral,

Hospitallier – Ilmo. Sr. D. José Duarte da Silveira,Caballero de Gracia Magistral,

Councellor – Ilmo. Sr. D. Daniel Domínguez Hernandez, Caballero de Gracia Magistral,

Chaplain – Excmo. y Rvdmo. Mons. Mario Guijarro y Corzo, Capellán Conventual Ad Honorem.