Governance of the Cuban Association

The Cuban Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is governed by a Governing Council which is elected by the Association’s Chapter General. The day to day affairs of the Association are managed by the High Officers, who are elected by the Chapter General, and other officers of the Association which are appointed by the Governing Council.


The Chapter General is the supreme body of the Cuban Association of the Order of Malta. It is comprised of all members of the Order ascribed to the Cuban Association. Its function is to elect the members of the Governing Council, to consider and vote upon changes to the Statutes of the Association and to consider and deal with the issues facing the Association.

Governing Council

The Cuban Association is governed by a Governing Council comprised of the High Officers (President, Vice President, Chancellor, Hospitaller, and Treasurer) and such additional Counselors as are appointed by the Chapter General (currently nine in number) and the Head Chaplain and the Delegate in Puerto Rico.

Other than the Head Chaplain and the Delegate in Puerto Rico, who are ex officio members appointed by the Governing Council, the High Officers are elected to a four year term and the Counsellors to a two year term, by majority vote at a Chapter General of the Association called for such purpose. The Chapter elected the new Governing Council on June, 2011, for a period of four years. In June 2013, another election took place to elect the new Counsellors renewed every two years.

Once elected, the members of the Governing Council must be approved by the Sovereign Council of the Order. The members of the Governing Council are eligible to serve successive terms. A vote of 75 percent of those voting is required to serve three or more consecutive terms.


As of October, 2019, the members of the Governing Council during the period 2019-2023 are as follows:

President: Excmo. Sr. Dr. D. Juan Tomás O’Naghten y Chacón, Marqués de la Gratitud, Caballero Bailio Gran Cruz de Honor y Devoción en Obediencia

Vicepresident: Excmo. Sr. Embajador D. Óscar de Rojas y Villa, Caballero de Gracia y Devoción en Obediencia

Chancellor: Ilmo. Sr. Ing. D. Carlos Saladrigas y Landaluce, Caballero de Gracia Magistral

Hospitaller: Excmo. Sr. Dr. D. José Joaquín Centurión y López-Oña, Caballero Gran Cruz de Honor y Devoción en Obediencia

Treasurer: Ilmo. Sr. D. Mauricio Fernández y Ferrán, Caballero de Gracia y Devoción en Obediencia


Herald: Ilmo. Sr. Dr. D. Lodovico Blanc y Lante Della Rovere, Barón de Blanc

Delegate of Communications: Ilmo. Sr. D. Luis Pérez

Master of Ceremonies: Ilmo. Sr. D. Henry García

Director of Integration: Ilma. Sra. Da. María Cristina Santos de Díaz

Director of Spirituality: Ilma. Sra. Da. Giselle Halphen de Torres

Director of Formation: Ilma. Sra. Da. Mariana Jorge de O’Naghten, Marquesa de Santa Olalla

Director of Volunteers: Ilmo. Sr. D. Enrique Cantón

Director of the Second Grade: Excmo. Sr. D. Juan Calvo y de Dios

Director of Medical Missions: Ilmo. Sr. D. Jorge Echenique

Director of Cuba Program: Ilmo. Sr. D. Ángel Gallinal

Director of Casa Malta: Ilma. Sra. Da. María Valentina Pérez de Calvo

Vice-Hospitaller: Ilmo. Sr. Dr. Julio Torres

Director Lourdes Pilgrimage: Ilma. Sra. Da. María Centurión

Director for Cuba Development Program: Ilmo. Sr. D. Luis Miguel O’Naghten, Conde de Gibacoa



– Excmo. Sr. Dr. D. Fernando Tomas García-Chacón y Chacón, Marqués de Salinas, Bailío Gran Cruz de Honor y Devoción en Obediencia

– Excmo. Sr. D. Juan Calvo y de Dios, Caballero Gran Cruz de Gracia Magistral en Obediencia



– Ilmo. Sr. Lic. D. José Santiago y González, Caballero de Gracia Magistral en Obediencia


– Excmo. y Rvdmo. Monseñor D. Tomas G. Wenski, Arzobispo de Miami, Capellán Conventual Ad-Honorem