Since October 13th, the Puerto Rico Delegation has operated two Emergency Assistance Posts: one located at Punta Santiago in Humacao in southeast P.R., where the eye of the hurricane entered the island. In addition to the category 4 winds, the area received a sea surge of five to seven feet; a very strong hydraulic strength, another  across Town Hall in Guaynabo.

Both relief posts have been organized by the Delegate and funded exclusively by Members of the Delegation. The Chaplain and Members of the Delegation and Postulants have been very active in the works of the posts. Our volunteers have also been deeply involved in the work.

The summary of the services provided at both locations is as follows:

Hot meals served: 20,700
Bottles of water distributed: 22,188
Non-Perishable food items distributed: 8,575
Patients attended to by our doctors: 206