We are pleased  that our Counselor and Chief Herald, Hon. D. Lodovico Blanc,  Baron Blanc, was appointed Grand Cross of Grace and Devotion in Obedience by the Sovereign Council of the Order in Rome.
The Cuban Association has honored four associates distinguished by their involvement in social assistance and hospitaller works carried out by the Cuban Association of the Order of Malta in support of the elderly and the sick in Cuba, Miami and the Caribbean.
Mrs.Bertha Downing-Parajón, Director of la “Casita de Malta” in the  Parish of San Juan Bosco, in Miami, received the Cross of the Order Pro Merito Melitense; the Ilma. Sra. Alina de la Concepción de Suarez, Dame of Magistral Grace  resident in La Habana, Cuba,  also received the Cross of the Order  Pro Merito Melitense.
For the two nurses collaborators of the medical missions to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Ms. Chancilene Cola-Fowler and Mr. Jean Augustin, the silver medal of the Order  Pro Merito Melitense was awarded to them.

 The awards were presented in a dinner ceremony at the Coral Gables Country Club on the evening of  June 22,2012.