The doctors of the Cuban association of the Order of Malta and their friends held a Fund-raising event at BULLAS Gastrobar on May 15th  for the benefit of Sisters of Saint Joseph Foundation, who provide the necessary support for the clinic.
The characteristic of the clinic is its low cost for the medical services provided.  The doctors and nurse volunteers of the Cuban Association do pro-bono work at the Clinic. A recent article in Florida Catholic by Ana Rodriguez-Soto, of the Miami archdiocese, covered the event.
She said “For $575, the St. John Bosco Clinic can care for one patient for a whole year — a patient who otherwise would have no access to any medical care. Multiplied by 1,700 patients, and 5,000 visits a year, that is the magnitude of the work being carried out at the non-profit facility located on the grounds of Corpus Christi Church in the Wynwood section of Miami.

The Knights and Dames of Malta, committed to the defense of the faith and the care of the sick, partnered with the Sisters of St. Joseph and Mercy Hospital to open in 1992. They continue to be instrumental in raising funds and recruiting doctors to staff the clinic, which is supported financially by the Sisters of St. Joseph Health Foundation”.