The Honorable Melquiades Rafael Martinez, United States Senator from Florida, lives his life, both public and private, consistent with the demands of our Faith notwithstanding the public demands for some of his actions.

Mel Martinez was sworn in as Florida’s thirty-third United States Senator on January 4, 2005 and took his place in the history books as the first Cuban-American to serve in the US. Senate.

Prior to his serving in tile Senate, Senator Martinez served as US. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George W. Bush where he helped further the goals of an ‘ownership society’ by promoting homeownership for America’s low-income workers.

Melquiades Rafael Martinez Former United States Senator from Florida Senator Martinez currently serves on the Foreign Relations, Banking, Aging, and Energy and Natural Resources committees, allowing him to play an integral role on critical issues facing Florida and the Nation. From his post on the Foreign Relations Committee, the Senator continues to be active in Cuba policy and a strong advocate of democratic reforms across the Western Hemisphere. At the age of 15, his parents sent him from communist Cuba to the United States so that he might have a better life. Indeed, Senator Martinez has achieved that goal becoming a leader and a role model in the Hispanic community, and living the American Dream while he works on behalf of Florida’s nearly 18 million residents.